What to Expect from Silverdale Online Academy

  1. ALL courses are accredited and Biblically Integrated.

  2. ALL teachers are Christ-followers.

  3. Courses are asynchronous with the exception of a "welcome" meeting with the teacher and any appointments made by the teacher or student.

  4. Half credit courses are generally one semester and full credit courses are designed to last a typical school year. However, the students can work at their own pace as long as the 0.5 courses do not exceed 6 months and the 1.0 courses do not exceed 12 months.

  5. You will need to secure a proctor for exams. If you are close to Chattanooga, we have proctor appointments. If you are not in Chattanooga, proctors are usually available at your local library or colleges. Proctors will need to be secured and their information sent to Silverdale Online before you take the exam.

  6. Withdrawing from a course will result in a small fee. We incur that cost and must pass that on. After 24 days, there are no refunds.

  7. Once you pay an application fee, you are enrolled in SOA for as long as you need it. There are no annual fees!

  8. We can produce a report card each semester if you would like one!

  9. We can certainly produce your transcript as your student prepares for college.

  10. We would love to be able to provide college guidance.