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Tuition & Fees

An application fee will be charged when you submit the application.  Rather than charge small fees individually, the application fee will include the fees typically charged for technology integration, student online account setup, and Student Information System (SIS) integration for course selection.  

Course tuition fees are paid after enrollment because courses are offered  à la carte.  Therefore, your final charges/tuition depends on the  courses selected.  You will be billed for these from the finance office once you have enrolled in the courses.  

The following is the fee schedule:

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SOA Guidelines

Silverdale Online Academy Guidelines

Revised January 2023 for 2023-2024

Table of Contents:

Page 2……..Welcome

Page 2……..Vision & Mission Statements
Page 2……..Silverdale Online Academy & Sevenstar

Page 2….….Your role and Our role

Page 3……..Church Attendance 

Page 3……..Statement of Faith

Page 3……..Code of Ethics

Page 3……..Graduation Requirements

Page 3……..Graduation 

Page 3…..…Dates of Operation

Page 4…….Attendance and Grades

Page 5……..Fee Schedule

Page 5……..Financial Obligations

Page 5……..Information Disclosure

Page 5……..Silverdale Online, Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement

Page 5……..Sports and other on campus activities

Page 5……..Re-enrollment

Changes to this document may occur throughout the year to stay up to date.  The most recent changes will be highlighted.


Dear Parents:

Welcome to Silverdale Online Academy and thank you for choosing to partner with us in your student’s education.  Our goal is to provide easy access to material that is Christ-centered and accredited for any subject needs.

May God richly bless you during this season of learning!


Silverdale Online Academy

Silverdale Online Academy is a ministry of Silverdale Baptist Academy and is therefore in agreement with the vision and mission statement of SBA.

Vision Statement: To impact our world by preparing Godly warriors through implementing  Discipleship (Mt. 28:15-20), expecting Excellence (I Cor. 10:31), and by encouraging Integrity (Psalm 15). 

Mission Statement: SBA’s mission is to partner with families to provide an environment of academic excellence with a Biblical worldview, which is conducive to developing educated young people of character, while preparing them to represent our Lord Jesus  Christ in all walks of life.

Silverdale Online Academy is in partnership with Sevenstar.  

The curriculum is accredited by Cognia and Sevenstar is a member of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).  Many of the courses are NCAA approved and we also offer AP and Dual Credit courses.  

Your role as a parent/guardian/appointed educator is to provide a learning environment that is conducive to meeting the needs of the student academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  This may include a dedicated workspace, proper technology, or other resources to ensure the student is successful.  Additionally, the parent/guardian/appointed educator should be aware of their own gifts to pour into the students, but also their limitations and seek support when needed.  

Our role is to assist families and students who need anything from credit recovery to Dual Credit.  We can also provide a transcript once your courses are completed.

Church Attendance and agreement with our statement of faith 

It is recommended for families that wish to participate with Silverdale Online Academy attend regular gatherings at your place of worship.  You will be prompted to read and sign our statement of faith in the application process.  

Code of Ethics for Families and Students

State Graduation requirements

As a student of Silverdale Online Academy, you are taking classes toward the requirements set forth by the state of your residence.  Each state's graduation requirements are slightly different.  If you have any questions about your specific state requirements, please contact your homeschool director or guidance counselor.


We are proud to serve students from various locations.  Silverdale Online Academy students are encouraged to participate in graduation ceremonies held at their local school district to celebrate their accomplishments.

Dates of Operation/Academic Calendar

The beauty of Silverdale Online Academy is that the courses are very flexible.  The 0.5 credit courses should be completed within 6 months and 1.0 credit courses should be completed within 12 months.  You can take as many or as few courses as your personal schedule allows.  Courses start each Monday throughout the year.

Our offices will be closed according to the academic calendar for Silverdale Baptist Academy. 

Annual closures of the campus office will be:

Fall Break

Thanksgiving Break

Christmas Break


President’s Day

Spring Break

Easter Monday

Submitting Attendance and Grades

Your online teacher will notify you and Silverdale Online Academy if there is a failure to maintain appropriate amounts of time in your class.  It is important to be organized and strive to reach the target dates for each assignment in each course.  Grades & GPA values are awarded as follows:

If you feel your student may be below average in a subject, please reach out to us for support.  Parents, also remember that your student may not excel in every subject, and it is absolutely necessary for them to experience rigor.  

Fee Schedule

Please see the most up to date fees on the website:

Financial obligations will be billed through the FACTS system.  This is the same system that was used to complete the application process.  Once courses have been selected, the student will be enrolled and the FACTS Financial account will be set up by the responsible party.

Authorization to Disclose Information/Records

An unofficial transcript can be submitted with your application.  Silverdale Online Academy will collect official records from your previous school if your intention is to complete High School and graduate from Silverdale Online; conversely, we will release records to a requesting agency for the purpose of transfer of student enrollment or college application.

Silverdale Online, Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement

We encourage rigor in your educational selections to ensure your student learns to work through trial and error and develops critical thinking skills.  We also encourage the families to know their own limitations and seek assistance when needed.  Our partnership with Taylor University and Gordon College are outlined here.  These credits are dual credits meaning they are awarded for both High School and College.  Advanced Placement courses are also available and follow the standard CED.  AP exams will be scheduled within the course.

Sports and other on campus activities

If you are local to Chattanooga, TN, please read the following:

All private schools under TSSAA regulation follow the TSSAA guidelines.  Silverdale Homeschool is a ministry of Silverdale Baptist Academy, but families registered with the umbrella are not enrolled as SBA students.

In short, the guidelines, followed by SBA, state that students not enrolled at the private school may not participate in any TSSAA regulated sport.  This is the case for any private school in Tennessee that is a member of TSSAA.  Please see for other sports opportunities that your homeschool student may want to participate in.

According to the TSSAA guidelines for High School, students are required to be enrolled in 5 courses that count toward the graduation requirements and pay full tuition to participate with SBA teams.  Additionally, the ISC (Independent School Conference) requires participants to be physically attending and enrolled as a full-time student. We suggest that you check with your locally zoned school, local youth association, and homeschool groups for sports opportunities.  

Furthermore, your local homeschool groups will likely provide formal dances and other fun activities for your kiddos!  Reach out to them for more information on extracurricular activities.


Re-enrollment will be automatic for each family.  Should you choose to make other arrangements for your child’s education, please notify Silverdale Online Academy so that a transcript can be generated.  There is not a withdrawal fee and the student can stay enrolled until graduation even if the student is not taking a course each semester. 

Changes to this document may occur throughout the year to stay up to date.