All Classes are Cognia Accredited

Silverdale Online courses are available for SBA students grade levels 9-12, and all K-12 Silverdale Homeschool students!

Please contact the Homeschool Director or Academic Dean for more information

SOA Experience

We are so thankful for SOA. This platform has allowed our daughter to work towards her goal to be a surgeon in high school. She is able to take dual enrollment classes so she can enter college ahead of the game.  

- Parent of a 10th grader


Students may supplement their current course load or take full semesters through SOA. 


 Students may enroll at any time during the year.  Courses start each Monday.  

Silverdale Excellence, Now Worldwide!

Online opportunities allow for a flexible schedule throughout the day and throughout the year, while providing individualized learning.  Let us help you choose what is best for your student!  Get started by clicking the links below.