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Middle School Course Offerings

Middle School English courses
1.0 Credit each

MS Language Arts 1*

MS Language Arts 2*

MS Language Arts 3*

Middle School Math courses
1.0 Credit each

MS Math 1*

MS Math 2*


Technology Electives
Credits in ( )

MS Business Keyboarding (0.5)

MS Coding 1A: Intro (1.0)

MS Exploring Information Technology (1.0)

Fine Arts Electives
1.0 Credit each

MS 2D Studio Art

MS Exploring Music

General Electives
Credits in ( )

MS Career Exploration (1.0)

MS Group Sports (1.0)

MS Health (0.5)

MS Journalism (1.0)

MS Physical Education (0.5)

MS Thinking & Learning Strategies (0.5)

Courses Marked with an "*" have honors level available.

MS Intermediate Spanish has a placement test option.

Most courses do not require additional supplies.  There are a few, however, that require the purchase of a text or technology classes that may need additional software or tools.  Please read the course descriptions for additional materials needed.

The cost of these courses include teachers, student help, proctoring, grading, & report cards.