Silverdale Excellence, Now Worldwide!

Silverdale Online Academy is the vision of Becky Hansard, Head of School at Silverdale Baptist Academy, presented in the fall of 2019. Especially during the season of pandemic, we at Silverdale realize that there is a need for accessible Christ-centered education in an online format.

Our goal is to provide a quality Bible-based education in an inviting online environment. Silverdale Online will serve as an extension of our Bonny Oaks campus located in beautiful Chattanooga, TN. Our goal is to offer custom online courses which will truly make this experience a very unique one!

Our dedicated staff is here to serve you and your family through this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Silverdale Online Academy students participate in sports at Silverdale Baptist Academy?

According to the TSSAA guidelines, students are required to be enrolled in 5 courses that count toward the graduation requirements and pay full tuition to participate with SBA teams. Additionally, the ISC (Independent School Conference) requires participants to be physically attending and enrolled as a full-time student.

Can my child watch chapel at SBA?

Absolutely! We live stream our chapel programs each Wednesday: Elementary - 9:00am , Middle School - 2:00pm, High School - 11:00am. All times will be in the Eastern time zone.

Can my child enroll in an on-campus course?

Currently, we do not offer any on campus courses for students not enrolled at Silverdale Baptist Academy.

Can our family enroll in Silverdale Homeschool?

Yes! Please check out Silverdale Homeschool for more information. This option allows your student records to be kept on the Bonny Oaks campus, transcripts to be maintained for college applications, student advisor assigned, and much more!

Are there requirements for graduation other than TN state requirements?

Yes. Silverdale Online is a ministry of Silverdale Baptist Academy that requires each family to submit a statement of faith. Our desire is for every student to grow spiritually through the study of God's Word. Students should have 4 Bible credits including semester courses in Worldview, Philosophy, and Apologetics if your plan is to graduate from Silverdale Online.

What diploma options are there?

We would like for the Online Academy to mimic the brick-and-mortar school program. The students can proceed through Upper school on a university track that will include all necessary requirements to graduate and apply for college, an honors track will require a minimum of 7 courses that are honors, AP or DE level, STEAM track requires 4 science credits, or the Fine Arts track will require 4 Fine Arts credits.